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Zero Rent/Zero Mortgage for 20 Weeks While You Build

Zero Rent, Zero Mortgage While You Build*

Getting into your own home has never been easier. At Aussie Living Homes, they pay your rent AND your mortgage while you build. That’s right, while your house is being built, they cover the rent for your current house and you won’t pay a cent in mortgage repayments either!

They know that building your new home is super exciting, so with their experience and exceptionally skilled construction team, you’ll get the keys to your home in just 20 weeks*!

Zero Rent, Zero Mortgage AND Zero Deposit!

The Zero Rent, Zero Mortgage promotion has been extended PLUS they have enhanced this offer to also include ZERO Deposit! Perfect for first home buyers who are needing a helping hand to get into their first home. 

What’s next?

Take the quiz today to see if you qualify PLUS when you click submit you will also get a free copy of the Rental Escape Kit!

Everything you need to know about the benefits of home ownership and how they can help you will get in our kit. Happy reading! 
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